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Sekarang nie dh start keje.. Sngt letih tp mmg dh adat klu dh keje so just take it as a challenge to me to be a better person in life. Dh keje bru tau mcm mane susah mak ayah cri duit untuk kite.. Sngt susah.. Tp bile dh dpt duit sngt berbaloi.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Life as an Undergraduated Student..

Assalamualaikum n salam syg... hehehe.. dh 3 minggu my life as a student back after my diploma last 1 year.. Alhamdulillah stakat nie smuanya ok walaupun dduk ulu skit but is a challenge for me.. great actually because we can see nature n appreciate what we have today. So, skrang nie sy sambung degree at UUM, Sintok in Bachelor in International Affair Management (BIAM) or people at UUM called Intaff.. Intaff nie short form untuk International Affair.

Time dapat offer ni mmg no idea at all ape Intaff ni.. During orientation, bru dapat idea about this.. This course banyak belajar pasal politik especially politik in Malaysia. Sebelum nie kalau pasal politik mmg x berapa layan sangat but after this mmg kena ambil tahu walaupun x berapa nak minat. Hehe.. Hopefully dpt adapt dgn this new course walaupun dh lari jauh dr course yg amik time dip dlu.. So, sampai sni dlu my experience about student life.. Maybe akan ade entry yg bru klu ade time n rajin..

Salam Ukhuwah buat semua......

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